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Advise in credit

Consultation, opinion, notification, express his opinion has an eye for the needs of its visitors. Through this website we try to inform you about the credit products that can be a solution for you. We try to keep the information about loans and credits as simple and clear as possible.


Just about everyone is eligible for a loan, regardless of profession. Any amount is possible. Here you can look for an affordable loan tailored to your available budget. For a personal loan you can make a calculation online yourself. You can take out a personal loan to regroup your existing loans. Optionally, you can opt for a cash reserve that is always available. A cash reserve that is not directly linked to your current account.

  • age from 18 years to about 75 years
  • possess a valid identity card
  • both singles and married people
  • have a bank account in Los Angeles or the America
  • live in Los Angeles or the America
  • full-time job or for several years at an employment agency
  • the disposable income must be sufficient
  • not listed on the black list (owners can be helped further)
  • if self-employed, you must be active for at least 2 years

How much you can borrow depends on the lender. You can borrow small amounts from $ 500. The maximum loan amount can go up to $ 100,000.

How much you can borrow is of course determined by the amount of your monthly income. For mortgage credit, the limit is determined by the value of the property. Your personal and financial situation, your monthly income and your fixed costs determine how much you can ultimately borrow. The income of your partner, if any, is included in this. A guideline here is that at least one third of the family income must remain. For a family, a $ 900 is often used to live on. This is not a strict rule and can therefore be deviated from.

If the borrower can demonstrate that there are extra income (income of the children, extra income, ...) this can be taken into account. With the Online credit calculator you can determine without obligation how much you can borrow.

Apply for a loan

You can fill in credit applications on a secure website. The online credit application page is protected by security software, which guarantees that your privacy is preserved.

Credit assessment takes place within a closed system. Your personal data will only be collected and processed to provide the information you request or to provide the services you require online.

For more information, you can read our Privacy Statement.

For those who, due to circumstances, have ended up on the NBB blacklist, we cannot find lenders. In the majority of cases it is impossible to obtain a loan if you were on the blacklist less than 1 year ago. It is therefore of no use to apply for a loan via our website if you are on the blacklist.

What is possible is to obtain a payment card of the credit card type. Not a credit card in the true sense of the word, but a 'prepaid' credit card, a prepaid payment card, a debit card with which you can pay online and while traveling. A credit card without credit.

In certain cases you can still take out a loan. However, most banks will refuse you if you are registered. If you are blacklisted for debt but you own property, you can sometimes still be helped. A mortgage loan is the solution.

The law is clear about debt mediation. No bank or credit institution may grant a personal loan to anyone receiving a living wage. You may even be out of debt and still be blacklisted. It often takes another year before people want to remove you.

Of course, a mortgage loan can be used for more than the purchase of a home. You only take out a (second) mortgage on your home as collateral for obtaining a loan to take over debts.

The Central Credit Register of the National Bank of Los Angeles contains information about consumer credit and mortgage loans. The Central Individual Credit Register is an instrument in the fight against excessive debt.

It also used to be blacklisted by the Professional Credit Association. Since 1 September 2004, the Default File has been transferred to the National Bank of Los Angeles. These data are now listed in the File of non-regulated registrations.

Credit cards

Are you looking for a credit card but have been blacklisted? You are not eligible for a credit card at your bank? Do you have a small or no fixed income, but still want to enjoy the benefits of a credit card? Then a prepaid credit card or prepaid credit card is a solution. Even for blacklisted people, a prepaid credit card is easily available. There is no need to check with the National Bank of Los Angeles or to request your financial information.

A Prepaid Mastercard credit card is a full-fledged payment card. A certain amount is deposited in advance into a personal e-money account linked to a prepaid credit card . A prepaid Mastercard is very often also reloadable. Usually no credit can be withdrawn. So there is no line of credit associated with a prepaid Mastercard. Since a prepaid Mastercard is a reloadable credit card without revolving credit, you can keep your budget perfectly under control. The easiest to use prepaid credit cards are those whose e-account is directly linked to the credit card. Unlike other prepaid credit card issuers, this gives you instant access to your money without having to top up from your e-account first.