Car financing for a new or used car

Whether you buy a new or a used car, a car loan shouldn't slow you down. Cheap car financing can also always be found for used cars.
That is why a surprisingly cheap car loan is offered here. Try it without obligation with the online simulation car loan . Buying a used car on installment is just as easy. We assist you in choosing the right car financing that best meets your needs and repayment options.

To finance a car you usually obtain a loan from the bank, through an online credit broker or from a credit company through the dealer linked to the make of the car you are purchasing. You can then choose from a number of formulas: installment loan, installment sale or even a credit facility.

Cheap car credit with or without an advance

With this cheap car loan, with or without an advance, you get a payment plan that matches your budget. Calculate your monthly sum using the car loan simulation.

Advantages of this car credit

  • Advantageous: we always offer you very competitive interest rates.
  • Get your money quickly: we guarantee a smooth processing of your credit application.
  • Easy: You can handle everything without having to move with the simulation car loan.
  • Low minimum amount: You can borrow from a minimum amount of $ 2,500 to a maximum of $ 50,000.
  • Installment Loan: Cheaper than Installment Loan.

Application for car credit and simulation car loan

How to apply for your car loan? Start the car loan simulation at the bottom and request your car loan without obligation. Try the car loan simulation now.

Calculation of your car loan

You want to know in advance where you stand before you take out a loan. Thanks to this car loan simulation you can form a first idea. You quickly know how much you can borrow, what advantage you may have when taking over your credit, how you can keep the family budget in balance, ...

The law provides for maximum repayment terms. In addition, it is best to choose a repayment term that is no longer than the economic life of your car. For that reason, a car loan is usually limited to a maximum term of five years.

The car loan simulation below does not commit you to anything. After the car loan simulation you can request a free credit proposal 100% without obligation.

* APR: Annual percentage rate depending on destination credit.
Car loan subject to acceptance of your file and mutual agreement.

You cannot derive any rights from the calculation.
If you would like an accurate credit proposal, request a free credit proposal without any obligation.

Application for car loan

  • Fast handling. Everything completed in barely 10 minutes.
  • Affordable car loan.
  • Apply for credit quickly and easily online.
  • Guided step-by-step through the application form for your car loan.
  • Personal information remains strictly confidential.

Need more information about Simulation car loan?

Determine the budget for your car loan

The purchase of a car can weigh heavily on a family budget. Nevertheless, a note here.
After calculating, we find that the annual budget spent on the car is on average about $ 3,290.
It is therefore more expensive to have your car on the road than to borrow it for the total life of a car.

The good news is that you can easily save on the running costs of a car.
The way in which a car is driven naturally determines the consumption, but also maintenance and parts that need to be replaced less quickly by adjusting your driving style. Just calculate what you could save on your car. You then multiply the annual savings on the use of your car by the expected useful life of your car in years. You can then add this amount to your initial purchase amount. This way you can ultimately borrow more for the purchase of your new car.

This is also possible for a simulation car loan for a used car.