Merge credit
Loan aggregation - is a debt takeover by centralization up to 1 monthly repayment.

Merge credit?

Do you have several loans? Have you almost completely withdrawn the balance of your credit card? Do you have unexpected expenses in addition to your existing loans? In these situations, you can probably use a financial boost.

A new, cheap loan for the takeover or combination of other loans is then the most suitable for your loans in circulation. By merging or refinancing your loans, you can pay off less per month. This ensures that your monthly costs do not weigh too heavily on your budget. Thanks to the guaranteed lowest interest rate, you are usually cheaper, sometimes up to 50% cheaper.

Merge loans

The advantages

Benefits of Merge Loans

  • Your monthly payments are lower
  • You can save up to 50% on the amount of the monthly repayment
  • You only have 1 more monthly payment
  • You will have money left over again at the end of the month

Calculation of pooling loans

Your personal benefit

Simulate loan aggregation without obligation and calculate your personal benefit per month.
We are guaranteed to offer you the lowest interest rate for merge loan. After all, changing loans is only done on the best terms.

Let your expensive loans merge and pay less per month with a new cheap loan