Regroup loans
Credit regrouping is a debt takeover by merging your existing loans .

Underwriting of credit

Today we can propose you a solution for your credit that perfectly matches your needs and your capabilities. After the decision, you immediately have your money. Calculate your advantage without obligation when adding credits with the credit simulation! We are guaranteed to offer you the lowest interest rate for a loan takeover . After all, changing loans is only done on the best terms.

Calculation of installment loan takeover

Apply for an installment loan takeover right away . Try the online loan simulation without obligation .

Do you have multiple credits?

Is regrouping loans for you?

Merge your loans. Pay off less per month? What more breathing space through loan takeover?
Do you have several loans that you want to convert into one installment loan? You can regroup your loans with a new installment loan. By regrouping all of your loans into a large new loan, you will have to pay less per month.

Benefits of Merge Loans

  • Reduce your monthly payments
  • Savings of 10 to 50% on the amount of the monthly payment
  • Only 1 more monthly payment
  • Enjoy the most competitive interest rates
  • Relieve your budget
  • A discreet and efficient solution

Customer comments:

"Since we regrouped our original loans, we can enjoy life again."
"Like many people, I did not know that I could have my expensive loans taken over."
“I used to think: if I win with the lotto, I will pay off my loans. I was helped faster with a takeover of loans in 1 loan. ”
"Thanks to the loan regrouping simulation, I knew in advance where I stood."

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Take over your expensive loans and pay less per month with a new cheap installment loan