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Safe, reliable, worldwide, prepaid, rechargeable, all adjectives that apply to the Skrill Mastercard .

From the many questions we have received and comments on forums, it appears that it is not clear to many people how a prepaid credit card like the Skrill Mastercard works. Especially the aspect of uploading, charging, topping up or transferring to a prepaid credit card is apparently not always clear. Upon receipt of your Skrill Mastercard by post, it must be activated online. It is only after activation of your prepaid credit card that you can upload the credit card.

Acceptance or acceptance of the Skrill Mastercard is also a criterion that many ask questions about. Can one reserve a rental car, make a reservation for a hotel room? Are these cards accepted as security at various rental companies? One rental company is not the other. Some (car) rental companies dare to refuse prepaid credit cards because they have no certainty about your available commission. It is best to contact the companies involved in advance for a definite answer. For example, prepaid credit cards are also often refused by the terminals on toll roads, which excludes paying péage in France and péage in Spain. This article explains why this is the case with the Skrill Mastercard but also with all other prepaid credit cards.

Top up Skrill Mastercard - Top up Skrill credit card

Charging a prepaid credit card is as much as depositing an amount of money to be spent in advance into your personal Skrill e-money account. Skrill Holdings Ltd. provide you with a virtual account managed by Moneybookers Ltd. in the United Kingdom. Moneybookers Ltd. is an electronic money institution accredited by the financial regulator FSA in Great Britain in accordance with EU Directive 2000/46 / EC .

The Skrill Mastercard can be topped up or topped up in various ways through the Moneybookers management platform. Below is an overview of the possible ways of charging.

  • International SEPA bank transfer - free
  • Sofortbanking (DIRECTebanking) - free
  • iDEAL - free
  • Giropay - 1.50%
  • credit card - 1.90%

Electronic money institution

Many of the prepaid credit cards issued in Europe are provided by Transact Network Limited and are distributed under the trading name Easybuy Prepaid MasterCard. Easybuy Prepaid MasterCards are further traded by intermediaries such as VikingCard (Mobile Vikings), Exacard, DebitCard AG, LCS and many others. Skrill Holdings Ltd.'s credit card is published by the Newcastle Building Society . Monarch's prepaid cards are also issued by NBS.

An electronic money institution is not a bank and is therefore not fully subject to the laws that apply to banks. Credit institutions that only use electronic money, virtual accounts or e-money accounts must have a license in accordance with EU Directive 2000/46 / EC. Other well-known electronic money institutions are PayPal and Neteller. These money institutions also issue prepaid credit cards. Only the PayPal credit card is not available in the Benelux.

Distribution of (prepaid) credit cards is regulated by law. For example, every intermediary of Newcastle Building Society or Transact Network Limited must obtain an authorization, a license per country where this credit card issuer wishes to distribute its credit cards. For example, Exacard may distribute their cards in the America, but not (yet) in Los Angeles. The Mobile Vikings VikingCard does have such a license for Los Angeles.

Acceptance Skrill Mastercard

Credit card acceptance is dependent on several factors. For example, many credit card issuers mention embossing (with relief printing) as important for the acceptance of credit cards. That is only partly true. For example, an embossed card would be indistinguishable from a conventional credit card. Visually this is indeed the case.

An embossed credit card can be accepted in places where there are no electronic terminals. There is no online check if a merchant accepts credit cards in the traditional way with the old “iron” with paper stamp and only your signature. There is no real-time monitoring of available funds or possible theft. This exposes a trader to personal risk in the event of default. A credit card without embossing has no imprint and can therefore only be accepted by an electronic terminal or online via web shops. Non-embossed credit cards are labeled ELECTRONIC USE ONLY. This is certainly not a limitation, rather it is an advantage. Mastercard (the real one!) Also promotes the electronic version with its merchants. The Skrill Mastercard is a textbook example of an electronic credit card.

How is a distinction made between a prepaid and a classic credit card? The credit card number is important there. A credit card number says everything about the issuer, the network, debit or credit, and so on. The first six digits of a credit card number are the Issuer Identification Number (IIN) . Previously, this was Bank Identification Numbers (BIN) , a recognition of the issuing bank of the credit card. But with the emergence of electronic money institutions, this system was expanded. The first digit indicates the credit card network. Every Mastercard credit card number starts with a 5. Skrill Mastercard's Issuer Identification Number is 531306. Many Transact Network Limited cards have an IIN like 5338xx. This is known to be credit card prepaid related. Examples include the Commonwealth Bank MasterCard Gift Card, the English Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard and the Italian Paypal Prepaid MasterCard. Those who would like to look up some publishers themselves can use the public Bank Identification Numbers Database . It contains 60% of all Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit card issuers. Also the IIN 531306 from Skrill (Newcastle Building Society) is known in this BIN database.

Acceptance also depends on the credit card merchant account that a merchant works with. Some merchant accounts are strict in accepting payment with (prepaid) credit cards. A deviation between the country of issue and your permanent residence may be sufficient for a refusal. The quality of the online network with which your funds to be spent is checked is also decisive. Not every network can accept prepaid credit or debit cards.

Prepaid credit cards are often declined by some parking machines and terminals on toll roads. Not all of these devices can check the available spending amount because they usually lack an online connection. These devices also check the Issuer Identification Number (IIN), which means that they are not accepted due to unknown. But this can also be done with a real credit card. Due to a mistake in the parking building at the airport, one of our employees was forced to pay the rate for short-term parking for a period of 14 days after his holiday. The bill was approaching $ 500. His classic credit card was also refused at the time. Perhaps because $ 500 was absurdly high for a parking fee.

All in all, we can speak of a high acceptance rate of Skrill Mastercard. But it is fair to say that 100% acceptance does not apply to any prepaid credit card by the way. But issuers of these credit cards are certainly not to blame for that.

Need more information prepaid payment card?

Anyone who wants to apply for a prepaid payment card must be at least 18 years old. Proof of identity and residence is required due to the anti-money laundering policy. Documentary evidence to prove your identity and address may consist of copies, scans or digital photos of your identity card or driver's license in color and recent gas, water or electricity bill. You cannot obtain a prepaid payment card without these documents. A telephone or SMS confirmation for topping up an account is possible. You can read the complete procedure at Apply for a prepaid payment card .