Your cash reserve

The Revolving Credit is a flexible form of credit

Do you want to have money at a very low interest rate? Do you want to withdraw and repay money how much and when you want?
Do you want to be able to repay a loan without penalty without a fixed term?

A loan with no fixed term is a revolving credit also known as DK. With a revolving credit, you can always withdraw the repaid amounts and the repayments are always penalty-free. The interest with a revolving credit (DK) is variable. A revolving credit is especially suitable for people who like to have a cash reserve on hand. Furthermore, a DK is a solution for projects where the investments are difficult to estimate in advance.

The great advantage of a revolving credit is flexibility. You only withdraw from the predetermined credit line what you need at that time. Interest only has to be paid on the amount withdrawn and you choose what to repay, completely penalty-free, as long as you meet the minimum repayment.

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