Compare loan takeover

Review your credit?

Merge your loans. Pay off less per month? What more breathing space through loan takeover? Do you have several loans that you want to convert into one installment loan? You can regroup your loans with a new installment loan.

Merge your existing loans

Do you have several loans? Have you almost completely withdrawn the balance of your credit card? Do you have unexpected expenses in addition to your existing loans? In these situations, you can probably use a financial boost.

Acquisition mortgage

Taking over your existing mortgage means that the existing mortgage loan is taken out and paid for with taking out a new mortgage. If the interest rate is now a lot lower than what you received when you took out your current mortgage loan, it is often cheaper to have the old mortgage taken over.

Refinance mortgage loan

Refinancing an existing mortgage means that the existing mortgage loan is taken out. The mortgage loan is paid by taking out a new 125% mortgage loan. If the interest rate of your current mortgage loan is higher than the interest rate of a new mortgage loan, it often pays to have your mortgage refinanced.

Refinancing mortgage loan

Are you looking for breathing space in your household budget? With a refinancing mortgage loan you get just that. There are various reasons why you would take over a mortgage loan. Whatever your reason, don't rush.