Compare mini loan


Cashaloan is a major online provider of small everyday money matters. They offer small loans from $ 100 up to $ 600 that fit any budget. Consumers can apply for a mini loan, which will be deposited into their bank account. The term is 15 or 30 days as standard.


A Belgian provider of mini-loan is When entering into the very first mini-credit with, a file must be drawn up. For the first small loan, there is a limit of 100 US dollars, and the application must be made through the PayDay website. Any subsequent loan applications can even be made via SMS.

LendNow mini loan

If you request a mini loan, it is better to do this with the market leader in the field of mini loans. LendNow is the European market leader in the provision of mini credits. Mini-loans have also been available in the America since 2007.