Your cash reserve

a flexible and modern means of managing your budget

Cash reserve for unforeseen (and foreseen) costs

Do you urgently need money? You are quickly out of trouble with a permanent cash reserve.

A cash reserve is a modern and flexible way to manage your budget.
Thanks to each repayment of your cash reserve, your monthly payment will decrease. With a permanent cash reserve, you have access to credit from 500 US dollars to as much as 5,000 US dollars.
You choose the amount of the cash reserve when applying for your credit facility. The chosen cash reserve will be deposited into your own current account after approval. After each payment of your cash reserve, you build up your financial reserve again. After this it can be used again for recording for new releases. With each repayment, you always have the choice to repay all or part of the cash reserve without penalty (reinvestment costs). The withdrawal of the credit facility is also free. Everything is possible. You alone decide what to do with your cash reserve. Do you use the total amount from your cash reserve or do you now withdraw a small amount?

Need a small cash reserve?

Do you already need a small cash reserve of 500 US dollars? Or do you prefer it a bit more spacious? This credit line can be extended up to USD 5,000. The permanent cash reserve of this lender starts from a payment of 25 US dollars per month. Are you not withdrawing anything from the cash reserve ? Then you have no costs.

How does this cash reserve work?

After approval of the permanent credit facility, you choose a bank card or have the chosen cash reserve deposited into your current account within 48 hours. You should not be accountable for the use of your chosen permanent credit line. You always have extra money available.

Your credit facility is replenished via your monthly payments and thanks to a detailed monthly account statement you can manage your budget in a healthy way.

With the bank card you can practically manage all your expenses. You can pay in shops such as with Bancontact or withdraw money from ATMs 24h / 24. You have immediate access to your credit line after approval.

Money reserve with a trusted partner

Planned purchase or totally unexpected, borrowing must always be carefully considered.
And this lender thinks along with you. Because remember, borrowing money costs money!

If you borrow money, it is important that you can go to a trusted partner. A lender who understands your situation and guides you through the term of your credit.

Request a free and personalized credit proposal now in complete confidence.

  • VISA card with cash reserve. This VISA card is a real credit card in the form of a credit opening. This credit facility is for an indefinite period. This VISA credit card can be linked to your existing current account. You do not have to change banks.
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