Compare credit card

Alternative prepaid credit card

Some prepaid credit cards can be pricey. Prepaid credit cards are in any case more expensive to use than traditional credit cards. But if you qualify for a Classic Visa card with a small cash reserve, this credit card offers you a fully-fledged alternative to a prepaid credit card.

VISA card with cash reserve

This VISA card is a real credit card in the form of a credit opening. This credit facility is for an indefinite period. This VISA credit card can be linked to your existing current account. You do not have to change banks.

Visa cash reserve - Visa card

You have a deferment of payment if you pay with a Visa credit card. Paying with a Visa credit card gives you an average of 3 weeks of free credit. That means 0% interest on a spending limit of $ 2,500 per month.

Prepaid credit card

Prepaid credit cards can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, a prepaid credit card is useful for anyone who is against credit cards in principle but still wants to enjoy the benefits of a credit card.