How does a cash reserve work

You can use this cash reserve at any time. You can repay the amount withdrawn from your cash reserve at your own pace.

Skrill Mastercard

From the many questions we have received and comments on forums, it is clear that it is not clear to many people how a prepaid credit card such as the Skrill Mastercard. Especially the aspect of uploading, charging, topping up or transferring to a prepaid credit card is apparently not always clear. Upon receipt of your Skrill Mastercard by post, it must be activated online. It is only after activation of your prepaid credit card that you can upload the credit card.

Prepaid credit card for everyone

Prepaid credit cards have no credit risk because they are prepaid. This allows anyone to apply for a Prepaid credit card regardless of their creditworthiness. A Prepaid credit card offers the cardholder the convenience of keeping spending under control. After all, you cannot incur debt with a Prepaid credit card.

Review your credit?

Merge your loans. Pay off less per month? What more breathing space through loan takeover? Do you have several loans that you want to convert into one installment loan? You can regroup your loans with a new installment loan.

Merge your existing loans

Do you have several loans? Have you almost completely withdrawn the balance of your credit card? Do you have unexpected expenses in addition to your existing loans? In these situations, you can probably use a financial boost.
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