An American provider of mini-loan is When entering into the very first mini-credit with, a file must be drawn up. For the first small loan, there is a limit of 100 US dollars, and the application must be made through the PayDay website. Any subsequent loan applications can even be made via SMS.

After having taken a few extra mini-credits from them, and paid them back, the amount for a mini-loan can be increased to a maximum of 600 US dollars. Of course you must have taken out your first loan in full before you can take out a new mini-loan.

To create a file, there is no need other than a copy of your identity card and a recent pay slip. The minimum age for taking out a mini loan with is 21 years. The time it takes for you to receive your loan in your account depends on which bank you have.

A credit provider naturally wants guarantees, as does Payday. A guarantor can be a personal acquaintance or family member or the company Comfort Guarantee. If you opt for a Comfort Guarantee guarantee, they guarantee the repayment of your mini loan. This Comfort Guarantee service is of course not free, which increases the costs of the mini-credit.

These mini-loans are easy to obtain, but there are certainly a number of conditions attached.
The credit provider needs some identity information from you. With additional mini-credits, an application is even sufficient via SMS and the loan amounts of your SMS loan can be higher. The term of a mini loan is 15 or 30 days.

About PayDay

PayDay is part of Your Finance and has been one of the market leaders in the provision of mini credits since 2008. Your Finance was one of the first companies to introduce the mini loan in the America. Your Finance now has more than 100,000 customers spread all over the world.

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