Take out a car loan for 100% of the purchase amount

Installment loan is the best financing formula

The best financing formula is the installment loan. With an installment loan you can take out a loan for 100% of the purchase amount of the car.

You will often also have the opportunity to take out car financing directly from the car dealer. The dealers sometimes propose their own variant with very low monthly payments and a very high final payment. With this variant, a minimum of 15% advance must always be paid.

The low monthly amounts are obtained by providing a high remaining amount for the final payment. Sometimes this last monthly payment is even higher than the legal 15% minimum advance.

In this way you will indeed have a low monthly repayment amount. You borrow much less and, including an advance, often pay up to 57% of the purchase amount with your own resources. This system is referred to as an installment sale. In this case you are not the owner of the car until the last payment is Demorei.

Choosing a car is the first, finding the best car financing the second

The best financing formula is the installment loan. With this form of car credit you do not have to pay an advance. When you've seen the car of your dreams, you usually don't want to wait a day longer. With the offered online car financing, you have the best financing options. Regardless of the financing formula you choose. For both new cars and used cars under 2 years old, you can use a credit formula that perfectly suits your needs. If you opt for a second-hand car under 2 years old, this car loan is the best. You choose in consultation with financial experts. With these credit formulas, you don't have to wait days for an answer.

Are you looking for cheap car financing?

You will not find the cheapest car financing at the dealer.
A car financing at 3% can be more expensive than a car financing at 6% if the formula (from the dealer) says that you are no longer entitled to an extra discount on the purchase price!

Comparisons can only be made on the basis of monthly repayments, of course viewed on the same term. This implies that with a car loan that has not been taken out with the dealer you have more negotiating room to obtain a good purchase price for a car.

By financing your car in advance, you are often cheaper than having the financing arranged by your dealer.
An added benefit is that you use an installment loan instead of an installment sale. You do not have to pay an advance.

Therefore, go for a real car financing of the installment loan type.

Calculation of monthly repayment of car financing

Of course you would like to know in advance where you stand. This is possible with the car loan simulation. With the online simulation for car financing you can perform a calculation 100% without obligation.

With this car loan you can enjoy good service and a car loan handling at top speed. For your car loan, you always pay a low interest rate, Brussels Motor Show or not. You also have the option to borrow up to 110% for your car. If the amount of the car loan exceeds $ 15,000, you can spread the loan over 84 months.

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