In the article about using a prepaid debit card , I already talked about children, young teens learning how to handle money. A prepaid debit card can be a tool for paying teens their weekly or monthly pocket money. In the UK, controversy has arisen as children from the age of 8 can get a prepaid debit card in their name. This is possible at goHenry , among others. A controversy in the UK when the Belgian bank KBC issues such a debit card at the request of parents for their children from the age of 10. Bpost also receives many requests from parents for their Bpaid card, who then make the card available to their underage children.

What is a prepaid debit card anyway? A good description can be read on ' What is a prepaid payment card '. In short, it is a combination of a classic bank card (debit card) and a credit card with deferred payments. With such a prepaid debit card, children can easily shop online while parents keep control over spending. iTunes was an example of a popular online store for children that required payment by credit card.

A prepaid debit card is a necessity for today's young people, according to KBC spokesperson Ilse Demuyer. “They want to buy games and music on platforms such as iTunes. That is not possible with a classic bank card. That is why a prepaid debit card is a good solution. ”

A prepaid debit card can only be applied for at Bpost from the age of 18. "But nothing prevents parents from giving their pin code to their younger child," notes Bpost spokesperson Fred Lens. Platforms or websites cannot be blocked with the Bpost card. "Parents must agree with their children what they can buy and what not."

Just like with Bpost, parents who are customers of Belfius bank can simply give their child their pin code. A payment card is available at Belfius for young people from the age of 16. The question is often asked by Belfius customers. Belfius spokesman Ulrike Pommee also agrees; “Many parents request a card that they make available to their child. The child uses the card, but the cardholder is the father or the mother. ”

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