Holiday credit. Borrow money for your trip.

Enjoy a wonderful holiday immediately with this travel credit

Holiday credit is an installment holiday . Immediately enjoy your dream trip thanks to the travel credit. It is nice to have some extra money at your disposal during the holidays. During the holiday you want to enjoy and relax optimally and a larger holiday budget helps. This is perfectly possible with the holiday credit without having to worry. Treat yourself to a dream vacation with this travel credit.

Without having to use your savings on vacation. With an installment holiday , your savings will continue to yield interest. Regardless of the type of holiday you book, our overview and comparisons offer you multiple holiday credits. Organized travel, self-composed travel, safari, city trip, close-by holiday, tailor-made travel, air travel, car holiday, bus holiday or beach holiday, it is possible for all forms of travel. Leave without worrying about your vacation budget for maximum relaxation. Whether you choose a close-by holiday or an exotic holiday resort, all amounts are possible.

Vacation of your dreams without using your savings.

The holiday period is the ideal time to have some extra money available. After all, you don't want to worry during your vacation. With a holiday credit you can easily create extra spending space as a consumer. Treat yourself to a dream vacation with the travel loan.

We offer you several options to finance your trip, regardless of the type of holiday you book. It is possible for all forms of travel: city trip, tailor-made travel, beach holiday, car holiday, flight, close-by holiday, safari, organized trip or self-composed trip. This way you can leave quickly and in peace and thus fully enjoy your trip. Depending on the content of the trip, you choose the amount that you wish to borrow and this from $ 550.

Book a holiday with credit card with cash reserve

You can also finance your holiday with the Visa credit card with cash reserve. With your Visa credit card, you can spread the payment of your holiday, just like all other accommodation costs.
Visa credit cards are accepted in almost all shops and hotels in the main holiday resorts and cities. You should therefore not take large amounts with you when you go on holiday.

How do you finance your dream trip?

  • Choose the trade credit if your travel budget exceeds $ 2,500.
  • If you rather book a cheap trip, you can use your cash reserve from $ 500.
  • Use the credit card with cash reserve from $ 3,000. It can be used in Los Angeles and 226 other countries.

Simulation of your holiday credit

If you wish, you can also calculate your tailor-made holiday credit yourself, apply for and take out online. Have you seen a last-minute travel offer and have not yet received your holiday allowance? The holiday credit offers you the solution. For a travel loan, see also installment loan.

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