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10 Most Unique (Underrated) Places To Visit In California

Apart from the glamor of Hollywood or even the artistic traits of San Francisco, these spots will bring tourists a different admiration of the state.

As beautiful as metropolitan areas are, California has much to offer that has yet to be explored. Notable cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles are the first cities that come to mind when people think of California. However, California still has a wide range of secret treasures to promote to every tourist. Also, apart from the Hollywood glamor or even the artistic character traits of San Francisco, these underrated spots will undoubtedly bring tourists a different admiration of the state. Here is a list of underrated places in California to find out more.

ten Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg is about a 3 hour drive up the coast from San Francisco, nestled parallel to the beautiful Mendocino Coast. Fort Bragg also enjoys a pleasant and pleasant climate all year round, which makes it ideal for a weekend getaway. There, tourists can also try walking along Glass Beach, a former glass dump that has been transformed into a beautiful beach park. It may not sound extreme, but the shoreline has perfected the glass over time to produce crystal clear water that now shines on the shore.

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9 point reyes

The Point Reyes Peninsula in Marin County is home to the Point Reyes Coast 30 miles north of downtown. It’s a beautiful stretch of shoreline, and it’s the coast that protects Drakes Bay on the southern edge. Head straight to Point Reyes station to reach the end; many famous hiking trails through the cliffs provide good workouts and spectacular views. At Tomales Bay, visitors can also rent a kayak. Tourists can enjoy the view from the Point Reyes Lighthouse Lookout. If they love to watch birds, they could also bring binoculars.

8 Dot Lobo

This stunning stretch of coast is located just south of Carmel-by-the-Sea and runs along the northern tip of Big Sur. In 1933 a resident engineer purchased much of this property to protect its advancement, allowing sustainable nature conservation and the beautiful landscape to remain well maintained and allowing access for all tourists to come. Tourists should also bring their mountaineering shoes and explore the routes while breathing in the pure ocean air with the scent of pine. There are also places to visit that are purely serene and calming and good for diving and snorkeling.

7 Bristlecone Pine Forest

The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest of Inyo County is located inside protected territory. Tourists must add this outstanding and isolated countryside to their travel bucket list. They could also follow the Methuselah Grove Trail for its 4.5 miles to discover the forest where Methuselah Wood was originally located. The area has still not been labeled to prevent the destruction of property; however, the given itinerary helps keep foreign visitors close. Bristlecone Pine Forests is accessible from mid-May to late November. This primeval forest is well worth a visit.

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6 Cayucos

Cayucos is located on the shores of the San Luis Obispo area. Prior to the Spanish discovery, it was occupied by Chumash citizens, who called it “Cayucos”, the locals’ explanation of the Chumash phrase for rowboat or kayak. It has become an enchanting seaside resort with welcoming residents and a pleasant climate. Tourists can also spend some time here to appreciate the soothing gem of a coastal town. Also, there are no marked intersections. It’s full of decent local wines and dishes, made all the more enjoyable by the stunning sea views and salty air.

5 Franceschi Park

Franceschi Park, located in the center of the Santa Barbara Riviera, is named after a well-known Italian horticulturist. He brought crops from all over the world and grew them in his orchard while building his mansion in the heart of these lawns. Even though the main roads are shrouded in mist, the views from this garden stretching out to sea are still breathtaking. Tourists can also take a book or recording device with them to appreciate the tranquility of this garden in its own right.

4 Avila Beach

Avila Beach is a small independent town in San Luis Obispo County, halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. For a while, this coastline acted as the main transportation hub for San Luis Obispo. Additionally, Avila was redeveloped in the late 1990s, and contemporary walking paths and marine pattern borders can now be seen along the beach. Plus, Avila is a fantastic place to watch whales or relax on the wide stretches of pristine beach.

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3 Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin is the lowest level in North America. This hole in Death Valley is made up of a small spring-fed stream that has been stained with sulphates from nearby reservoirs, rendering it undrinkable and incorporating itself into the distinct physical image of the basin. Once tourists see the valley trying to spread out before them, covered by the filling of sodium crust into geometric honeycomb shapes from the continuously dissipating water, they assume they have been transported to another world. Also, tourists should exercise caution when crossing the shore, as it is only a thin white outer layer above the puddles.

2 Winchester mystery house

The Winchester Mystery Mansion is a bizarre attraction in San Jose, California. It was the former private home of Sarah Winchester. The anomalies of Sarah Winchester’s daily existence are reflected in the mysteries of the mansion, which have also been accessible to visitors for years. Nowadays tourists can tour the mansion with a tour guide and then see the strangeness of the townhouse for themselves. Tourists would also realize that the mansion is only four stories high because a natural disaster destroyed it. Yet the special atmosphere has been well protected.

1 Pescadero

Pescadero is a population close to San Mateo County, just south of Half Moon Bay. Mainly during the warm season, the village is a domestic resort, enveloped by the Pescadero Prairie, a wildlife sanctuary, and the Pescadero Canyon. Campsites, such as State Park, are located near the area, as are country roads ideal for biking and hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Tourists can also stroll through the whimsical little village of Pescadero Creek Route or stop at Duarte’s Diner for a glass of wine.

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